In the world of arts, I found Afrika traditional music instruments have a bigger role to play….Passing on the heritage–  John Gambula

Creation of the Chungu Marimba

It all started with a soul journey into pathways of intense research into the harmonious unique tunes of traditional music and natural creativity embedded into the creation of tribal instruments.


It all started with me growing up in Bujora, the village of the Sukuma Museum. This is where African Sukuma culture and arts are preserved in precious collections.

I was impressed with the performances of our elders during the working and harvesting time where music is used. As a kid, I imitated elders dancing and playing instruments.

From childhood, we made our own instruments with recycling.We made instruments like Ngoma(drums). Ndono (One string Instruments with a calabash at the centre) Zeze (Shakers) and later in life, I took parts in art groups.

I  then ventured to explore 128 tribes in Tanzania, meeting artist elders that shared the artistic skill of creating them.

We taught and learned in unison ending with a fusion of traditional African instruments with Modern instruments in a  collection of instruments, songs and melody, and rhythms.

My passion for indigenous instruments and arts in tribal cultures grew and I kept following historical links of music and invention of instruments, and all my research brought me to the realisation that Music was rooted in Africa.

And that’s how the Chungu Marimba came into being. A fusion of a combination of indigenous instruments.

The Chungu Marimba creation is derived from various indigenous root sources, ‘Kalimba‘ instrument with Mbira and Marimba touches in the final polish of a hand-tuned specially crafted ‘Steel Pan’ as the base,since historical facts indicate that Steel Pans originated in Africa. It is a well-known fact that drumming was a toll communication  amongst African slaves

All about Afrika Chungu

The vision of ‘Afrika Chungu Marimba’ is about rooting a prosperous Africa  under Africa’s umbrella of  abundant talent. Harvesting a generation of  ever-flowing sustainable development with an emblem to maintain Peace Love and Unity on earth

Once the creators of these exceptional unique musical instruments can no longer continue creating the instrument, the instrument production ceases to exist!

Beautiful and awesome musical instruments become extinct! Traditional instruments with  powerful emotional melody leave us

Even at TASUBA, Bagamoyo College Of Arts (traditional instruments that were once used there are no longer available once the creators of the instruments retire or pass on…All we are left with are modern instruments.  Essentially, we lose our soul…..                                    John Gambula


“Afrika Chungu Marimba” is dedicated to uplifting the coming generation to reinvent and empower the younger generation to reap the benefits of the powerful sounds rooted in their heritage, showcasing the marvels of Africa’s treasured creativity to the surrounding world.


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