ChiniYaMbuyu : Musical ‘Storytelling’ Theatre – we need poets,musicians,performing artists and storytellers

We are preparing a LIVESTREAM Musical Theatre performance and require participants from Cameroon, Togo, Rwanda Burundi, and Namibia.

German colonised regions in AfricaOur awakening is enclosed in the depth of MEMORIES.MEMORIES shaped by curtailed historical fact, that we cannot shy away from or escape. Past MEMORIES shapes our present existence


Chini Ya Mbuyu,(Storytelling under the Baobab tree)  paves a musical  Theatre piece that delves into Africa’s regeneration. We are looking into the past to INFORM the future.

We visit historical sites and remnants of the past like graves and sites examining historic periods where there were new entrants that came in the camouflage of saviors but were basically running the same colonial business under new management.



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